Brown is one of the colors of furniture in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Items with matching colors really pull a room together. Below is a list of all the brown furniture in New Leaf.

Pure BrownEdit

Picture Name
AntiqueClock Antique Clock
AyersRock Ayers Rock
100px Barrel
100px Bass
100px Beetle Chair
100px Birdcage
Birdhouse Birdhouse
Bishop Bishop
100px Biwa Lute
Block Block
100px Box of Chocolates
BrownPot Brown Pot
100px Cabana Bookcase
100px Cabana Chair
100px Cabana Dresser
100px Cabana Screen
100px Cabana Table
100px Cabana Vanity
100px Cabana Wall Radio
100px Cabana Wardrobe
100px Cabin Chair
100px Cabin Clock
100px Cabin Wall Clock
100px Cabin Wardrobe
CardboardBed Cardboard Bed
CardboardBox Cardboard Box
100px Cardboard Chair
Cardboardcloset Cardboard Closet
100px Cardboard Sofa
100px Cardboard Table
100px Cello
100px Ceramic Hot Pot
100px Checkout Counter
100px Chocolate Cake
100px Chocolate Fountain
100px Classic Bookcase
100px Classic Buffet
100px Classic Chair
100px Classic Clock
100px Classic Desk
100px Classic Table
100px Classic Vanity
100px Classic Wall Shelf
100px Classic Wardrobe
100px Cool Globe
100px Country Guitar
100px Creepy Clock
100px Creepy Coffin
100px Cubbyhole
100px Dab Table
EditorsDesk Editor's Desk
100px Exotic Bench
100px Exotic Bureau
100px Exotic Chest
100px Exotic End Table
100px Exotic Screen
100px Exotic Table
100px Exotic Wall Shelf
100px Exotic Wardrobe
100px Fireplace
100px Folk Guitar
100px Glass-Top Table
100px Go Board
100px Gracie Chest
100px Gracie Desk
100px Gracie Wardrobe
100px Hearth
100px Helm
Hibachi Hibachi
100px Jomon Pottery
100px Keg
100px King
100px Knight
100px Kokeshi Doll
100px Large Bookshelf
100px Massage Chair
Mochipestle Mochi Pestle
MushCloset Mush Closet
MushDresser Mush Dresser
MushStool Mush Stool
100px Ninja Sword
100px Owl Clock
100px Papa Bear
100px Pawn
100px Pepper Mill
100px Pipe Organ
100px Podium
100px Queen
100px Ranch Armchair
100px Ranch Bookcase
100px Ranch Chair
100px Ranch Couch
100px Ranch Dresser
100px Ranch Hutch
100px Ranch Table
100px Ranch Wall Rack
100px Ranch Wardrobe
100px Ringside Table
100px Rocking Chair
100px Rocking Horse
100px Rococo Bed
100px Rococo Chair
100px Rococo Clock
100px Rococo Dresser
100px Rococo Shelf
100px Rococo Sofa
100px Rococo Table
100px Rococo Vanity
100px Rococo Wardrobe
100px Rook
100px Saddle Fence
100px Sanshin
100px Shogi Board
100px Sitar
SnailClock Snail Clock
100px Spinning Wheel
100px Stadiometer
100px Stair Dresser
100px Storefront
100px Tea Table
100px Tea Tansu
100px Tribal Mask
100px Trunk
100px Trunk Measure
Tumbleweed Tumbleweed
100px Turntable
100px Ukulele
100px Vintage Radio
100px Vintage Telephone
100px Violin
100px Wagon Wheel
100px Watering Trough
100px Well
100px Western Fence
100px Wheat Bundle
100px Wooden Box
100px Wooden Stool
100px Writing Desk

Hybrid BrownEdit


Picture Name
Boomerang Boomerang
100px Globe
100px Sloppy Bed
100px Sloppy Chair
100px Sloppy Closet
SloppyDresser Sloppy Dresser
100px Sloppy Lamp
100px Sloppy Sofa
100px Sloppy Table


Picture Name
100px Chaise Lounge
100px Conga Drum
100px Covered Wagon
100px Low Screen
100px Modern Wood Bed
100px Modern Wood Chair
100px Modern Wood Chest
100px ModernWoodClock
100px Modern Wood Closet
100px Modern Wood Lamp
100px Modern Wood Shelf
100px Modern Wood Sofa
100px Modern Wood Stool
100px Modern Wood Table
100px Modern Wood TV
100px Paper Lantern
100px Rococo Lamp
100px Stewpot
100px Sweets Chair
100px Sweets Closet
100px Sweets Dresser
100px Sweets Table
100px Taiko Drum
100px Vaulting Horse


Picture Name
Anchor Anchor
Bagpipes Bagpipes
100px Campfire Cookware
100px Hi-Fi Stereo
100px High-End Stereo
100px Shogi Piece
100px Tabletop Game
100px Vibraphone
100px Vintage Camera
100px Wide-Screen TV


Picture Name
100px Backpack
Ballcatcher Ball Catcher
CicadaStereo Cicada Stereo
100px Gracie Bed
Kotatsu Kotatsu
100px Lefty Desk
100px Morning Glory
100px Pavé Clock
100px Pavé End Table
100px Pavé Lamp
100px Ranch Tea Table
100px Righty Desk
ZodiacBoar Zodiac Boar


Picture Name
100px Bear Pole
100px Cabin Armchair
100px Cabin Bed
100px Cabin Bookcase
CabinCouch Cabin Couch
100px Cabin Dresser
100px Cabin Low Table
100px Cabin Table
100px CD Shelf
100px Clackercart
100px Cornucopia
DisplayShelf Display Shelf
100px Eagle Pole
100px Egg Basket
100px Foosball Table
100px Frog-Woman Pole
100px Gracie Bench
100px Gracie Chair
100px Gracie Low Table
100px Gracie Shelf
100px Gracie Wagon
100px Gracie Wall Clock
Jukebox Jukebox
100px Large Magazine Rack
100px Pikmin
100px Pinball Machine
PotRack Pot Rack
100px Raven Pole
100px Resetti Model
100px Revolving Spice Rack
100px Ski Rack
100px Sushi Platter
100px Sweets Lamp
100px Veggie Basket


Picture Name
AlpineBed Alpine Bed
AlpineChair Alpine Chair
AlpineCloset Alpine Closet
AlpineDresser Alpine Dresser
AlpineKitchenCart Alpine Kitchen Cart
AlpineLamp Alpine Lamp
AlpineLowTable Alpine Low Table
AlpinePanel Alpine Panel
AlpineShelf Alpine Shelf
AlpineSofa Alpine Sofa
Asteroid Asteroid
100px Bottled Ship
BreadBox Bread Box
100px Clay Furnace
100px Coat Hanger
100px CoffeeGrinder
100px Cream and Sugar
100px Exotic Bed
LargeAlpineTable Large Alpine Table
100px Mop
100px Old Sewing Machine
RetroTV Retro TV
100px Salad Bar
100px School Chair
100px School Desk
SchoolSpeaker School Speaker
100px Ship Compass
100px Sloppy Sink
100px Teacher's Desk


Picture Name
Aloe Aloe
BilliardTable Billiard Table
100px Cactus
100px Caladium
100px Coconut Palm
100px Dracaena
100px Fan Palm
100px Hawthorn Bonsai
100px High-Jump Mat
100px Hourglass
100px Kiwi Stool
100px Lady Palm
100px Left Platform
100px Mahjong Table
100px Mini Cactus
100px Pachira
100px Peacock Chair
100px Pothos
100px Right Platform
100px Round Cactus
100px Round Mini Cactus
100px Rubber Tree
100px Snake Plant
100px Tall Cactus
100px Tall Mini Cactus
100px Tatami Bed
100px Train Set
100px Tree Standee
100px Weeping Fig


Picture Name
0QuestionBlock ? Block
100px Corkboard
MushWallLamp Mush Wall Lamp
100px Rococo Candlestick
100px Sconce


Picture Name
100px Dollhouse
100px Loom
100px Plum Bonsai


Picture Name
100px Pink Velvet Stool
ZodiacMonkey Zodiac Monkey


Picture Name
100px Bonfire
100px Bureom
100px Campfire
CommonBed Common Bed
100px Cuckoo Clock
Doghouse Doghouse
100px Dream Catcher
100px Fire Bar
100px Hopsital TV
100px Maple Bonsai
MushHanger Mush Hanger
100px Picnic Table
100px Sleigh
100px Sloppy TV
100px Tapestry
100px Tiki Torch


Picture Name
100px Bird Feeder
BlueCertificate Blue Certificate
100px Bunk Bed
100px Cabana Armchair
100px Cabana Bed
100px Classic Bed
100px Coffee Cup
100px Computer
100px Daffodil
100px Dango
100px Director's Chair
100px Djimbe Drum
100px Exotic Chair
100px Goal Pole
100px Hamster Cage
100px Harp
HomeComputerRack Home-Computer Rack
100px Lucky Frog
MushEndTable Mush End Table
MusicStand Music Stand
100px Raccoon Figurine
100px Ranch Bed
100px Range
100px Sailboat Model
100px Scarecrow
100px Sink
100px Siphon
100px Snow Bunny
100px Soft-Serve Lamp
SweetsMinitable Sweets Minitable
Theremin Theremin
100px Tokonoma
WritingChair Writing Chair
YellowCertificate Yellow Certificate


Picture Name
100px Cash Register
100px Gold House Model
100px Harpsichord
100px Jasmine Bonsai
100px Judge's Bell
100px Pansy Table
100px Phonograph
100px Pyramid
100px Sphinx
100px Vintage Telescope
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