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A player in a full Mush Series room.

The Mush Series is a furniture series. They can be found by picking mushrooms from around trees in November. Every day, six mushrooms will appear near trees in your town. One of these mushrooms will be an item from the series.

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Picture Name Buy Price Sell Price Color(s) Function Size
MushBed.png Mush Bed N/A 3,000 Red/Red Bed 2x1
MushChair.png Mush Chair N/A 1,900 Aqua/White Chair 1x1
MushCloset.png Mush Closet N/A 2,450 Brown/Brown Storage 1x1
MushDresser.png Mush Dresser N/A 2,450 Brown/Brown Storage 2x1
MushEndTable.png Mush End Table N/A 2,200 Brown/White Table 1x1
MushHanger.png Mush Hanger N/A 2,000 Red/Brown Decor 1x1
MushLamp.png Mush Lamp N/A 2,400 Aqua/Aqua Lamp 1x1
MushStool.png Mush Stool N/A 1,800 Brown/Brown Chair 1x1
MushTable.png Mush Table N/A 2,500 Red/White Table 2x2
MushTV.png Mush TV N/A 2,500 Red/White TV 2x1
MushWallLamp.png Mush Wall Lamp N/A 2,400 Orange/Brown Lamp 1 (wall)
ForestFloor.png Forest Floor N/A 420 N/A Carpet N/A
ForestWall.png Forest Wall N/A 420 N/A Wallpaper N/A