White is one of the colors of furniture in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Items with matching colors really pull a room together. Below is a list of all the white furniture in New Leaf.

Pure WhiteEdit

Picture Name
Automaticwasher Automatic Washer
100px Bathroom Sink
100px Bathroom Stall
100px Beach Chair
Berliner Berliner
100px Bowling Pins
BoxOfTissues Box of Tissues
Breaker Breaker
100px Claw-Foot Tub
Coffeemaker Coffeemaker
100px Copy Machine
100px Cream Sofa
CreepySkeleton Creepy Skeleton
100px Cupid Bench
100px Cushion
100px Dice Stereo
DisplayStand Display Stand
100px Eight Lamp
100px Elder Mask
100px Electric Kettle
EraserSofa Eraser Sofa
100px Female Mask
100px Five Lamp
100px Four Lamp
100px Freezer
100px Glass Display Case
100px Kitchen Corner
100px Kitchen Sink
100px Laptop
100px Lily Record Player
100px Marshmallow Chair
100px Merlion
100px Microscope
100px Microwave
100px Minimalist Bed
100px Minimalist Chair
100px Minimalist Clock
100px Minimalist Dresser
100px Minimalist Lamp
100px Minimalist Minitable
100px Minimalist Ottoman
100px Minimalist Sofa
100px Minimalist Table
100px Minimalist Vanity
100px Minimalist Wardrobe
100px Museum Chair
100px Neutral Corner
100px Nine Lamp
100px Ogre Mask
100px One Lamp
100px Pirate's Armor
100px Potty
100px Princess Cage
100px Princess Chest
100px Princess Closet
100px Princess Curio
100px Princess Dresser
100px Radiator
100px Reception Table
100px Refrigerator
100px Rice Cooker
100px Robo-Chair
RoboClock Robo-Clock
100px Robo-Closet
100px Robo-Dresser
RoboStereo Robo-Stereo
100px Robo-Table
100px Robo-TV
100px Robo-Wall Clock
100px S.S. Dolphin
100px Samgyetang
100px Science Table
100px Seven Lamp
SewingMachine Sewing Machine
SixLamp Six Lamp
100px Skeleton
100px Small Igloo
100px Snowman
SnowmanBed Snowman Bed
100px Snowman Chair
100px Snowman Clock
100px Snowman Dresser
100px Snowman Fridge
100px Snowman Lamp
100px Snowman Matryoshka
100px Snowman Sofa
100px Snowman Table
100px Snowman Vanity
100px Snowman Wardrobe
100px Space Heater
100px Space Shuttle
100px Spaceman Sam
100px Squid Chair
100px Three Lamp
100px Toaster
Toilet Toilet
100px Two Lamp
100px Ultra Scope
100px Ventilation Fan
100px Vision Tester
100px Washing Machine
100px Whirlpool Bath
100px White Katana
100px White Pot
100px Wii Balance Board
100px Zero Lamp

Hybrid WhiteEdit


Picture Name
100px Clothesline Pole
100px Exhibit Partition
100px Fancy Doll
100px Humidifier
LifePreserver Life Preserver
MamaPolarBear Mama Polar Bear
MushChair Mush Chair
100px Portable Toilet
100px Princess Chair
100px Princess Clock
100px Princess Sofa
100px Princess Table
100px Sea Globe
100px Stripe Bathroom Sink
100px Stripe Bed
100px Stripe Chair
StripeClock Stripe Clock
100px Stripe Closet
100px Stripe Dresser
100px Stripe Lamp
100px Stripe Shelf
100px Stripe Sofa
100px Stripe Table
100px Stripe TV
100px Stroller
100px Table Lamp
100px Tall Display Case
100px Wall Fan
100px Water Cooler


Picture Name
100px Flat Display Case
SloppyClock Sloppy Clock
100px Sweets Bed


Picture Name
100px Blossom Lantern
100px Computer Desk
100px Deluxe Range
100px Hot Plate
100px Jolly Roger
100px Mama Panda
100px Mixer
100px Modern Chair
ModernDesk Modern Desk
100px Modern Dresser
100px Modern End Table
100px Modern Sofa
100px Modern Table
100px Modern Wall Clock
100px Modern Wardrobe
100px Reversi Piece
100px Server
100px Skeleton Figurine
100px Storage Case
100px Telescope
100px Time Clock
100px Typewriter
100px Wall-Mounted Speaker


Picture Name
ArrowSign Arrow Sign
100px Beach Table
100px Blue Corner
100px Blue Dresser
100px Hurdle
100px Pavé Bed
100px Pavé Bookshelf
100px Pavé Bureau
100px Pavé Chair
100px Pavé Chest
100px Pavé Closet
100px Pavé Sofa
100px Pavé Table
100px Robo-Bed
100px Robo-Sofa
100px Slide Puzzle
100px Upright Vacuum
100px Wall-Mounted Monitor


Picture Name
100px Bird Feeder
BlueCertificate Blue Certificate
100px Bunk Bed
100px Cabana Armchair
100px Cabana Bed
100px Classic Bed
100px Coffee Cup
100px Computer
100px Daffodil
100px Dango
100px Director's Chair
100px Djimbe Drum
100px Exotic Chair
100px Goal Pole
100px Hamster Cage
100px Harp
HomeComputerRack Home-Computer Rack
100px Lucky Frog
MushEndTable Mush End Table
MusicStand Music Stand
100px Raccoon Figurine
100px Ranch Bed
100px Range
100px Sailboat Model
100px Scarecrow
100px Sink
100px Siphon
100px Snow Bunny
100px Soft-Serve Lamp
SweetsMinitable Sweets Minitable
Theremin Theremin
100px Tokonoma
WritingChair Writing Chair
YellowCertificate Yellow Certificate


Picture Name
ArcadeMachine Arcade Machine
BabyBed Baby Bed
BallReturn Ball Return
100px Egg Bed
100px Egg Bench
100px Egg Chair
100px Egg Clock
100px Egg Dresser
100px Egg Stereo
100px Egg Table
100px Egg Toy Set
100px Egg TV
100px Egg Wardrobe
100px Fire Flower
100px Homework Set
100px Small Magazine Rack
100px Sweets Minilamp
100px Yut Board


Picture Name
100px Basketball Hoop
100px Cow Skull
100px Donut Stool
Thermohygrometer Thermohygrometer
100px Whiteboard


Picture Name
BabyPanda Baby Panda
Bromeliaceae Bromeliaceae
100px Cacao Tree
100px Corn Plant
100px Cosmos Fan
100px Croton
100px Dentist's Chair
100px Exit Sign
100px Holly Bonsai
100px Hospital Bed
100px Kinderdijk Windmill
100px Kitchen Scale
100px Moth Orchid
100px Planter
100px Robo-Lamp
100px Twelve-Grape Plate
100px Yoshi's Egg


Picture Name
AstroBed Astro Bed
AstroCDPlayer Astro CD Player
AstroChair Astro Chair
AstroClock Astro Clock
AstroCloset Astro Closet
AstroDresser Astro Dresser
AstroLamp Astro Lamp
Astroshelf Astro Shelf
AstroSofa Astro Sofa
Astrotable Astro Table
AstroTV Astro TV
PufferFishTV Puffer-Fish TV
100px Scoreboard
ZodiacRooster Zodiac Rooster


Picture Name
100px Sweets Player


Picture Name
ZodiacRat Zodiac Rat


Picture Name
100px Birthday Cake
100px Birthday Table
100px Card Bed
100px Card Chair
100px Card Closet
100px Card Dresser
100px Card Lamp
100px Card Screen
100px Card Shelf
100px Card Sofa
100px Card Table
100px Card Tower
100px Card Wall Clock
100px Detour Arrow
100px Festival Lantern
100px Ironing Set
100px Lantern
LifeRing Life Ring
100px Love Tester
MushTable Mush Table
MushTV Mush TV
100px Nutcracker
100px Polka-Dot Bed
100px Polka-Dot Chair
100px Polka-Dot Clock
100px Polka-Dot Closet
Polka-DotDresser Polka-Dot Dresser
100px Polka-Dot Lamp
100px Polka-Dot Low Table
100px Polka-Dot Sofa
100px Polka-Dot Stool
100px Polka-Dot Table
100px Polka-Dot TV
100px Red Corner
100px Red Vase
100px Rocket
100px Round Clock
Sawhorse Sawhorse
100px Snow Globe
100px Stove
100px Ultra Machine
100px Vacuum Cleaner
ZodiacRabbit Zodiac Rabbit


Picture Name
100px Candle
100px Cube Clock
100px Drum Set
100px Lefty Lucky Cat
100px Lily Lamp
100px Lucky Cat
100px Regal Armoire
100px Regal Bed
100px Regal Bookcase
RegalChair Regal Chair
100px Regal Clock
100px Regal Dresser
RegalLamp Regal Lamp
100px Regal Sofa
100px Regal Table
100px Regal Vanity
100px Regal Wall Lamp
100px Snowman TV
ZodiacSnake Zodiac Snake
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